InstaCaliper uses the "Media" and "Ring" volume.

In the InstaCaliper app, the app can vocalize the count, size, and color using the device's Media and Ring volume.

Media volume refers to the volume used to run media on the device. On the InstaCaliper/TallyTrak apps, the media volume controls the volume of the audio version of size and color.

Ring volume refers to the volume of the ring tone. In these apps, the ring volume controls the volume of the audible count (plus and minus).

You can use the volume buttons on the side of the ruggedized handheld computer to adjust the system volume, just as you would on your cell phone.

A second way to adjust volume is as follows:

  1. Open to the screen that shows all your available apps (the App Drawer).
  2. Select "Settings."
  3. Or search apps for "Settings."
  4. Select "Sound."
  5. Adjust Media and/or Ring volume.

Settings Sound Settings showing Media, Alarm, and Ring volume bars