Our customers often ask, Where does our data go?

Use the handheld with 2nd Sight apps to capture data in the field. There are two ways to sync data up to the online Customer Portal. You will view, edit, and analyze your labor data on your secure, online Customer Portal account.

OPTION 1: Connect the handheld to a Wi-Fi network and sync data to the Portal

OPTION 2: Purchase and install a SIM card through a cellular service provider and sync the data through the cellular network.

To prevent data loss, 2nd Sight stores back-up copies of employee labor data from the apps in two locations: on the handheld memory and on a micro SD card located in the handheld. If the handheld is damaged, data from the micro SD card can be uploaded by the 2nd Sight software team to your Portal account to ensure that you can always run your payroll!

If you want to integrate 2nd Sight data with your Ag payroll software, the process is as follows:

  1. Contact your 2nd Sight representative to discuss custom payroll report setup.
  2. Complete and submit a Custom Report Request Form.
  3. 2nd Sight will quote the cost of the custom report.
  4. 2nd Sight builds your custom report.
  5. The report is tested and finalized.
  6. Collect employee time and piecework data in the field.
  7. Sync the data to the Customer Portal.
  8. Generate the custom payroll report for your desired date range.
  9. Download the report from the Portal.
  10. Save the file to your computer (file location depends on your payroll software).
  11. Import the file into your payroll software.

Complete payroll in no time! No stress, no headache, no late nights.