Please contact 2nd Sight at 509-381-2112 before starting your TallyTrak demo to receive Customer Portal login information.

TallyTrak App:

  1. Download the app here: (or go to the Google Play Store and search “TallyTrak”)
  2. IMPORTANT: Email your Unit ID located on the Registration to your 2nd Sight sales representative
  3. Enter Customer ID: xxxxxx and Customer Secret: xxxxxx then press “Register"
  4. Ensure that you are connected to the internet, then swipe to the “Sync” page and press “Sync"
  5. Swipe to the Config page
    1. Set the unit of measure
    2. Enable “Audio Notifications” (optional)
    3. Enable “ Ranges”, press “Add” to enter in a range (optional)
      1. For example, trees with a diameter of 0-10mm are grouped together
  6. Swipe to the Tally screen and press “Choose Task”
  7. Change the Task and List Items by pressing on the names, then press “Done”
  8. Press “+” to add to inventory, press “-“ to subtract from inventory
  9. Press and hold the “+” to add multiples, press and hold “-“ to subtract multiples
  10. After tallying, connect to the internet, swipe back to the “Sync” screen, and press “Sync”
  11. Logon to the Customer Portal to view the data

Customer Portal:

  1. To access the online Portal:
  2. Enter username: xxxxxxxx password: xxxxxxxx
  3. Once you’ve synced data from the phone, go to Log --> InstaCaliper for the raw data and Reports --> InstaCaliper to generate totals

Remember to send your Unit ID to your 2nd Sight sales rep as soon as possible. This is required before starting the demo.