Since each employee uses the MobileClock app on a personal device, it is important to ensure that all employee data uploads to the Portal before running reports and doing payroll.

The MobileClock does incorporate auto-syncing, but this requires the device to be connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi or cellular network. The auto-sync feature also requires the app to be open and running on the phone.

  • The app will attempt to auto-sync in the background every 10 minutes
  • The app will attempt a sync after any button push (clock in, clock out....)

These sync attempts require that the app remain open on the device and that the connection to the internet is adequate. If an employee presses a button then immediately closes the app, the sync may fail. To ensure that data uploads to the Portal, users always have the option to manually press the "Sync" button on the app when they are connected to the internet.