For New SIM Cards:

The RS50 and RS51 handheld computers are not registered within the IMEI database of Verizon nor AT&T. In order to obtain service form these carries, you must request them to provide your with a pre-activated SIM card (MicroSIM/3FF). The carrier will need to activate a SIM card using the IMEI information of certified device within their database. Once activation has been completed you’ll be able to insert the SIM card in to the RS50 or RS51 and receive cellular service.


For Already Activated SIM Cards:

You can use any of your already activated SIM cards that have service on the RS50 or RS51. Please note the RS50 and RS51 uses MiroSIM cards. In the event that you have a NanoSIM card, you’ll need to utilize a SIM card adapter to convert them into MicroSIM in order to fit the devices.