Any 2nd Sight labor tracking product that uses the Task/List structure can add a "Time Violation" to a Task. Time Violations allow the grower to set a minimum amount of time (in seconds) it should take between logs for an employee.

For example, if a grower knows that an employee cannot pick two baskets of tomatoes faster than one minute, he/she may set the Time Violation to 45 seconds. In this case, the employee will be able to scan his/her badge to log out in the field, but when the data uploads to the Portal, the Portal will flag these entries as "Rejected Entries". 

Portal reports DO NOT take into account "Rejected Entries'. If an employee should receive credit for any Rejected Entries, the Portal user will need to edit these entries and "Restore" them. 

Identify Rejected Entries in the Task Log by clicking the show "Rejected Entries" red checkbox and filtering. These entries will be highlighted in red. To Restore these entries:

  1. Enable Edit Mode (green toggle at the top)
  2. Go to Log --> Task
  3. Check show "Rejected Entries"
  4. Add any additional filters if necessary
  5. Click the "Filter" button
  6. Check the boxes on the far right of each entry, or select all entries on the page by checking the box on the far right in the header
  7. Click the "Restore" button