There are a few ways to record nonproductive time for employees.

Use the Employee Profile

  1. Go to Workers --> Profiles
  2. Select an existing Profile or create a new one
  3. Under the "Nonproductive" section, in the "Quantity" box, enter the number of minutes that the employee will receive each day. As long as the employee clocks in or registers for a day, these nonproductive minutes will be automatically added under the "Nonproductive Hours" column on the standard reports.
  4. Remember, if you change a Profile and need the reports to update retroactively, turn Edit Mode ON and Recalculate the appropriate days on the Daily Report

Use the Nonproductive Type Task

  1. Go to Manage --> Tasks
  2. Create a new Task
  3. Give the Task a name (like Nonproductive Time)
  4. Select the Type as "Nonproductive"
  5. Select any appropriate Lists and add a Payroll Code (optional)
  6. Save the Task
  7. Sync your device(s)
  8. When employees clock in and clock out of this Nonproductive Type Task, the time will be recorded as Nonproductive and appear under the "Nonproductive Hours" column of the standard reports

For FairPick Pro Only

  1. Perform the following steps to record Nonproductive time using the FairPick Pro scale
  2. Press "In"
  3. Press "Print"
  4. Scan an employee Badge
  5. Press "Print" and the receipt will read "NONPRODUCTIVE" (optional)
  6. This time will automatically populate the "Nonproductive Hours" column on the standard reports