If your 2nd Sight representative has discussed and set up a separate Portal for your Night Shift workers, you will need to manage two Portal accounts at once. Here are some important steps you will need to take to keep both accounts accurate and functioning properly.


  1. Review all Settings on this Night Shift Portal account to ensure accuracy (time zone, units, etc.)
  2. Set the appropriate Work Day Start Time. A good time might be in the middle of the day (12:00 PM, for example). All night shift employees should be clocked out from the night shift before 12:00 PM, and all employees working the next night will not likely clock in before 12:00 PM for their shift.


  1. You will need a separate username and email linked to the Night Shift Portal account. You cannot use your Standard Portal account credentials. If you use a "dummy" email for this account, and forget your password, contact your 2nd Sight rep to reset your password.


  1. If you add, edit, or delete a Task, List, Container, or Rate on your standard Portal account, you will need to make the same add, edit, or delete on your Portal Night Shift account

Employee Management

  1. Verify that all Employee Profiles are added and are correct, matching your Standard Portal account
  2. Once Profiles are verified, you will need to import the employees from your Standard Portal account
  3. The easiest way to do this is to Export All Employees from your Standard Portal account (button on top right of Employee page), then Import this Employee List (saved in CSV) into your Portal Night Shift account  
  4. NOTE: Hourly Rate information WILL NOT import into the Night Shift account, you will need to manually add Hourly Rates and other employee Notes into the Night Shift Portal account. Do this by clicking on the last name of each employee and adding a rate on the Rates page of the Employee edit screen.
  5. IMPORTANT: When you add a brand new employee into the system, you will need to add the employee on both standard and Night Shift Portal accounts. 
  6. Add the employee onto the Standard Portal account first.
  7. Program an RFID employee badge to the new employee on the Standard Portal account. The Registration Station can only be linked to one Portal account at a time. You can change the linked Portal account by following these instructions
  8. Then, add this new employee's information onto the Night Shift Portal account. If adding individually, you will need to COPY AND PASTE the unique Badge # or Card # into the Badge # field after the employee is created.
  9. If you add the new employee(s) via import, the Badge # will automatically import if included in the CSV import file.
  10. IMPORTANT: If an employee loses a badge and is programmed a new card, the Badge # must be updated on the Night Shift Account after it is programmed to the Standard Portal account

Assigning the Handheld or Scale to the Correct Portal Account

  1. Each handheld or FairPick scale has a unique Unit ID. Any device that should be communicating and syncing data to the Night Shirt Portal account needs to be assigned to that account. A 2nd Sight rep must assign the Unit ID correctly, a customer cannot do this.
  2. Identify the device that will be used for the Night Shift Portal account and crew.
  3. Find the Unit ID in the CONFIG section of the app or on the FairPick screen.
  4. Email this number to your 2nd Sight rep.
  5. After the 2nd Sight rep confirms the Unit ID is registered, the device should appear on the home screen of the Night Shift Portal account in the grey box.

Re-Register the Device (Apps Only)

  1. IMPORTANT: You must now enter the new Customer ID and Customer Secret into the app
  2. Go to CONFIG --> tap the Gear icon in the top right corner
  3. The Admin unlock password is the last four digits of the Unit ID
  4. Once in the Admin section, press the "Register" button
  5. Enter the Customer ID and Customer Secret located on the My Account screen of the Night Shift Portal account or on a Customer Certificate sent by your 2nd Sight rep
  6. Press Save and Done to return to the main app screen
  7. Press the "Sync" button to confirm
  8. Test a clock in with a badge scan
  9. Press the "Sync" button
  10. Check the Night Shift Portal account for the data
  11. NOTE: Uninstalling and reinstalling an app from the Play Store will also prompt you to Register the device, at which point, you can enter the Customer ID/Secret form the Night Shift Portal account

If you have any questions or concerns, contact your 2nd Sight rep for assistance.