If you want your field boss or foreman to have the ability to adjust the time of an employee's clock in in the field, you can use the "Set Time" feature on the FairTrak app.

  1. Press and hold CONFIG
  2. Tap the box next to “Set Time” to enable
  3. Press "Done"
  4. Press “In”
  5. Select Task
  6. Tap to change Lists in the information box (optional)
  7. Tap the time in the top right corner
  8. Set the time using the clock
  9. Tap "Ok"
  10. Scan employee badges to clock in
  11. The clock in time of each badge scan will not be the time on the handheld, it will be recorded as occurring at the "Set Time"

This could be used in the scenario where employees show up early for work and should not officially start work until a specific start time.

This could also be used in the situation where an entire crew shows up at the same time and a line forms. This ensures that all employees have the same start time.