At some point, you may see an employee name on the handheld display as a string of symbols and characters. This happens because the handheld's NFC reader did not fully read the employee’s name programmed on the card.

The first time an employee scans their badge for the day, the app reads the employee's name programmed to the card as well as the unique card/badge#. For subsequent scans, the NFC reader only reads the card/badge# to ensure scanning is fast.

If the employee does not hold the card up to the NFC quite long enough and the employee has a long name, this will result in the app populating the employee name with symbols and characters instead. However, the card/badge# is what the software uses to record data, so data for that employee will be recorded correctly on the handheld and synced correctly to the Portal.

The name will remain symbols and characters for that day. However, once the handheld is restarted,  or app closed and relaunched, the name will clear the next day and the app will again read the employee name upon first scan for the day.

This issue does not affect the accuracy of data collected for the affected employee(s).