Once you've purchased a 2nd Sight system and receive your ruggedized handheld computer(s) (or RHC's), you will need to create a new Google account in order to access the Play store and download the app on the RHC.

We recommend creating a new Goggle account specifically for your farm or for 2nd Sight equipment in order to avoid your personal emails and information from being displayed on the RHC's. 

Just remember to write down the login information because 2nd Sight will not know your Google account credentials.

To create an account:

  1. Swipe up on the main screen to access your apps
  2. Locate and open the "Settings" icon (gear icon)
  3. Press "Users & accounts"
  4. Press "Add Account"
  5. Press "Google"
  6. Press "Create Account"
  7. Enter a First Name and a Last Name and press "Next" if you're not directed to the next page
  8. Enter a birthday and Gender, press "Next" if you're not directed to the next page
  9. Choose a recommended Gmail address or "Create a different Gmail address"
  10. Enter and Confirm a Password, press "Next" if you're not directed to the next page
  11. Adding a phone number is optional, add a phone number or press "Skip"
  12. Press "I agree" to the terms

IMPORTANT: If you are asked to Backup data to the server, select "No". 2nd Sight apps already back-up information to two different places on the RHC.

If it asks to add credit card information, do not add this information. It is not necessary to run 2nd Sight apps.