If an employee is missing a clock in, clock out, or log entry, you can add these in on the Portal at any time.

  1. Log in to your online Portal account
  2. Turn on Edit Mode (green bar appears at the top)
  3. Go to Logs --> Task
  4. Under "Add" open the drop down menu to select the Task first
  5. Then, press "Clock in" to add a clock in entry "Clock out" to add a clock out entry and "Log" to add pieces or weights
  6. The Add Entry screen will allow you to add the details of the entry. NOTE: Remember to select the correct date as well as the correct time (24-hour clock --> 13:00= 1:00PM)
  7. Some fields are required. Fields such as Badge ID, Payroll Code, Hourly Rate, and Station are optional fields
  8. Click Save when complete
  9. Remember, after editing, go to Reports --> Daily and Click the Recalculate button to ensure all edits have been updated on the reports