You can link hourly rates to an employee and to hourly type tasks.

To link a rate to a specific employee:

  1. Login to the online Portal
  2. Go to Workers --> Employees
  3. Search and click on the last name of the employee (the employee must already be in the system)
  4. On the left-hand side, click Rates
  5. Enter the employee's hourly rate in the Hourly Rate box
  6. If you want the employee to receive a higher rate for Tasks that have higher hourly rates, check the "Use Task Rate if Higher" box
  7. Click Save

To assign an hourly type task a rate:

  1. Login to the online Portal
  2. Go to Manage --> Rates
  3. Locate the Task name on the right-hand side
  4. Click the hourly rate to open the Change Hourly Rate screen (by default, an hourly task will be set to $0.00)
  5. Enter the rate in the Set Rate box on the left-hand side
  6. Set the Effective as of Date and Time (remember it's the 24-hour clock)
  7. Click Save