Currently, you cannot log fractions of a piece using a Piece Type Task with the QuickPick or FairTrak apps.

You can split a piece between two or more employees by creating a Container Type Task.

  1. Add a new Task on the Customer Portal (Manage --> Tasks)
  2. Give the Task a name
  3. Select "Container" as Task Type
  4. Select any Lists that you'd like associated with the Task
  5. Click "Save"
  6. Sync the FairTrak app 
  7. Clock employees into the new Container Type Task
  8. Press "Log"
  9. Scan one or more employee badges
  10. Scan one or more barcodes (pieces earned or collected)


One bin of apples has a piece rate of $36/bin. Four employees filled one apple bin. Each employee receives credit for $9. Four lines of data will upload to the Task Log on the Portal, each with the same bin barcode.