Category: Operation in the Field

Piece work labor tracking, RFID, Barcode, GPS, Citrus, Precision agriculture

QuickPick is the preferred 2nd Sight labor tracking and yield mapping system for manual citrus harvesting. QuickPick system consisted of a handheld computer, integrated RFID reader, and receipt printer. QuickPick can be mounted on a fruit bin or truck, being used to handle fruit collection in the citrus grove.

  1. The harvester places the citrus fruit in the tub or bin.
  2. The harvester scans their RFID badge on the QuickPick.
  3. The harvester prints a receipt (Optional)
  4. The action records harvester, date, time, GPS, and other information pertinent to the harvesting operation (crop variety, field, row)
  5. The system tallies the number of containers each harvester had harvested for the day

List of applicable citrus fruit