Logging the picker to the grapes is the first step to track and manage vineyard logistics operations. In the example below, we will use FairTrak, with container tracking task enabled, to tally and link buckets of grapes to the worker. Each log includes date, time, GPS and up to five lists of personalized information such as checker, grape variety, block, and row.

Prepare the buckets for tracking logistics

  • Place an RFID tag or barcode on the bucket(s)
  • Barcode
    • The bars should be perpendicular to the surface.
    • Place the barcode above the bucket stack line.
    • Avoid scanning obstacles.
  • RFID
    • Metal creates interference for RFID tag antennas.
    • Avoid RFID logging obstacles. 

Preparing badges for vineyard workers

  • Upload or enter worker names to your online Customer Portal.
    • Assign employee payroll code (supervisor, checker, full-time, part-time, minor, H2A)
    • Assign employee profile (min wage, lunch, break, non-productive time tracking)
  • Program worker RFID badges.
  • Issue RFID badges to workers.

On the first day of grape harvest

  • Issue rugged handheld computer(s) with FairTrak enabled to checkers.
  • Instruct pickers to fill buckets and return to checkers.
  • Instruct checker to scan the picker badge then scan the RFID or barcode tag on the grape bucket.