Category: Getting Started

In order to use these systems, you must add Tasks to your online Customer Portal account. If you would like to collect more detailed information about each Task (or work activity), you can add Lists.

Example 1

Task = Pruning
Task Type = Piece (enter in a count)
Lists = Field, Variety, Type

Under the "Field" List, you would add "List Items" such as "North Field," "South Field," "East Field," and "West Field."

Example 2

Task = Berry Harvest
Task Type = Weigh (use the FairPick Lite scale)
Lists = Berry Variety, Block

Under the "Berry Variety" List, you would add "List Items" such as "Rebel", "Jersey," "Liberty," and "Bluecrop."

To add a Task:

  1. Login to your online Customer Portal account
  2. Click Manage --> Tasks
  3. Click "Add Task"
  4. Give the Task a meaningful name (you cannot change this)
  5. Choose the Task Type (FairTrak = Piece, Hourly, Container; QuickPick = Piece; FairPick Lite = Weigh; MobileClock = Piece, Hourly, Container, Weigh; InstaCaliper = InstaCaliper; TCTrak = Inventory) NOTE: Paid Break, Unpaid Break and Nonproductive Type Tasks can be created for FairTrak, QuickPick, FairPick Lite, and MobileClock apps.
  6. Add an optional Payroll Code
  7. Click "Save"

To add a List:

  1. Manage --> ListsĀ 
  2. Click "Add List"
  3. Give the List a meaningful name (you cannot change this)
  4. Click "Save"
  5. Add one or more List Items manually or by importing from a CSV document (instructions for importing are outlined)
  6. Add as many List Items in order to capture the desired data

Assign one or more Lists to a Task

  1. After you add Lists, you must assign them to one or more Tasks
  2. Click Manage --> Tasks
  3. Click the name of the Task to which you'd like to attach one or more Lists
  4. The List names appear in the List box. To select multiple Lists, press "Ctrl" on your keyboard and click on multiple List names to highlight them in blue
  5. Click "Save" when you are finished

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must press the "Sync" button on the 2nd Sight app in order to update the app with the newest Task and List information.