A modified version of the employee receipt. Instead of showing only the totals for the day, this version of the employee receipt shows every single weigh log. You will see the piece rate, net weight, and pay for each weigh log recorded for that employee in that given time frame when you expand the report.

Type: Labor

Filters: Date, Employee, Task, List 1, List 2


Active Hours Worked Sum of "All Hours" minus "Total Paid Breaks" and "Total Unpaid Breaks" derived from "Employee Profile." 
Nonproductive Hours Hours derived from "Employee Profile" plus hours clocked in to "Nonproductive" type Tasks
Total Paid Breaks Paid break hours. Derived from "Employee Profile" lunch and break settings
Total Piece Wage Sum of all piece wage(s)
Hourly Piece Rate "Piece Wage" divided by "Active Hours Worked"
Total Units Total count, weight, barcodes, and pieces recorded.
Min Wage Pay "Active Hours Worked" multiplied by "Minimum Wage" derived from "Employee Profile"
Piece Wage Sum of all "Units" multiplied by the corresponding "Piece Rates"
All Hours Total time clocked into a Task. Does not include automatic break deductions derived from "Employee Profile"
Identifier Container (FairPick Pro) that has a specific piece rate
Piece Rate Rate of payment linked to the Identifier (FairPick Container) or Task (Piece, Container, or Weight type)
Units Count, weight, barcodes, and pieces recorded.
Sub Total "Units" multiplied by corresponding "Piece Rate."


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