If employers pay by container weight, the weight of the empty container must be subtracted from the total weigh event to correctly determine pay. The empty container’s weight is called the “tare weight.”

On 2nd Sight’s weighing systems, employers can enter container tare weights in the Web Portal. 

Employers can set a single tare weight for all containers if all employees use the same type container. 

  1. To set a single tare weight for all uniform containers used in the field, got to Manage-->Containers on the navigation bar.
  2. To set up a tare weight for a new Container, see Setting Up/Adding Container Information.
  3. To set up or change a tare weight for an existing Container, click on the name of the Container that you wish to edit. In the Edit Container screen, change the tare weight of the uniform container employees will use for picking.

If each employee uses a different container, the tare weight of the employee’s container can be linked to the Employee Badge, and, at each weigh event, the tare weight of the employee’s container will be subtracted from the total amount weighed. See Linking a Container Tare Weight to an Employee RFID Card.


WARNING:  Failure to enter correct Container tare weight will produce inaccurate net weights, which may result in over- or underpayment of wages.

WARNING: Do NOT edit a Container during the harvest day. Making changes to Container settings mid-day, before data upload, may result in inaccurate weigh data.

NOTE: Remember, for changes made to a Container setting on any 2nd Sight system to show on field apps, you MUST “Sync” the RHC and update any Configuration Cards used to program the system. 

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