You can load information into the InstaCaliper / TallyTrak app using 2D barcodes or QR codes.

System Requirements:

Scanning Barcodes

  1. Launch the TallyTrak & InstaCaliper app.
  2. For either app, scan the 2D barcode or QR code by holding the yellow button on the side of the RHC BEFORE measuring or counting.
  3. When the 2D barcode or QR code are scanned, the app will populate the List Items in the Information box as long as the List Items that match the List:List Items displayed. For example, if the selected Task has the List "Tree Variety" active, the "Tree Variety" List Item would update.
  4. List Items will only update when a 2D barcode or QR code is scanned if these were set up on the barcode or QR code, i.e.,
    1. If only one List Item was linked to the barcode, only that List Item will update when the barcode is scanned. No other List Items would update, and the user can manually select and change these List Items.
    2. If multiple List Items were linked to a 2D barcode or QR code, all these would change/update after the scan.
  5. You can scan multiple 2D barcodes/QR codes before taking measurements or counting to update different List:List Items. After scanning and updating List:List Item, check all "Information" is correct. Once you take a measurement or count, the List:List Items associated with the entry are saved. The entry must be deleted to remove the incorrect information.

NOTE: It is important that the barcode/QR code format is correct, the List Item exists in the Web Portal, and the barcode/QR code information exactly to a List:List Item on the Web Portal. Otherwise, scanning the 2D barcode/QR code will not update the information.