The standard Daily Report will automatically calculate an Hourly Pay Rate.

  1. Navigate to Reports --> Daily.
  2. Select a Day by clicking on green box below it
  3. Click the Expand/Collapse All button or expand an individual employee's data by clicking on the grey arrow on the right.
  4. You will then see the Hourly Pay Rate column appear.
  5. This calculation is based off of the specific Task hours, Piece Wage earned for that Task, and takes into account any system breaks recorded for that day. System breaks are listed if the Employee Profile automatically deducts paid break, unpaid break, or nonproductive time for that employee.

In the following example, we will outline the calculations in regards to the Pruning Task:

All Hours*   7
All Task Hours    3
Piece Wage      $25
Total System Breaks 0.66666667 = 0.17 + 0.5

Task Breaks

= (Total System Breaks) * (All Task Hours)/(All Hours*)

0.25 = 0.66666667 * 3 / 7

Active Task Hours

= (All Task Hours) – (Task Breaks)

2.75 = 3 – 0.25

Hourly Piece Rate   

= (Piece Wage) / (Active Task Hours)

9.21 = 25 / 2.75

*Excludes System Breaks, Unpaid Break, Paid Break, and Nonproductive type Tasks