Understanding Task Types

Each Task created must be assigned a Task Type. The Task Type determines the kind of data recorded and workflow. The following Task Types are available, depending on the 2nd Sight product(s) purchased.

FairPick Flex: Weigh, Nonproductive, PaidBreak, UnpaidBreak

FairTrak: Container, Hourly, Piece, Nonproductive, PaidBreak, UnpaidBreak

InstaCaliper, TallyTrak: InstaCaliper (aka “measurement”)

MobileClock: Container, Hourly, Nonproductive, Piece, PaidBreak, UnpaidBreak

QuickPick: Piece, Nonproductive, PaidBreak, UnpaidBreak

StockTrak, TCTrak: Inventory

For more information about specific Task Types, see Labor-Related Task Types, Break Task Types, TallyTrak & InstaCaliper: Task Types, Inventory Task Types.

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