You may have more than one Web Portal account (e.g. Day Shift, Night Shift, farms with different names).

Badges will be linked to the last account to which the Registration Station was assigned. To change the account to which badges link, you to re-assign the Registration Station to the appropriate account before you program badges for linked to that account. This MUST be done each time you switch accounts.

1.  Search for "FairPick" in your computer in "Files Explorer."

2.  Open the FairPick folder.

3.  Delete the Data and Log folders.

4. Plug the RFID Reader/Writer into a USB port.

5. Open the Registration Station app.


6. Enter the Web Portal "Customer ID" and "Customer Secret" for the appropriate account (find this by logging into the account and choosing "My Account," found in the upper right hand corner of the screen).


7. Click "Register."


8. Enter your username and password.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact 2nd Sight at 509-381-2112 or