The Olsen Brothers Report is a custom report that imports into Advanced Growers Solutions (AGS) Growpoint payroll software.

Paid and Unpaid break times from Employee Profiles are deducted..... if an employee performs multiple Tasks on one day. An unpaid break deduction appears on a separate line in the report and is associated with the Earnings Type Code.

Type: Labor

Filters: Date, Cost Center, Task, Business, Date Window


ID# Employee ID#
Last Name Employee Last Name
First Name Employee First Name
Date Worked MM/DD/YYYY
Earnings Type Task Payroll Code or Container Payroll Code
Enterprise Code Blank
Category Code Blank
Cost Code Blank
Pieces Count, weight, barcodes, and pieces recorded
Piece Rate Rate of payment linked to the Identifier (FairPick Container) or Task (Piece, Container, or Weight type)
Hours Sum of "All Hours" minus "Total Paid Breaks" and "Total Unpaid Breaks" derived from "Employee Profile"

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