This report works similar to the pay period report, but also allows you to filter by the identifier (container name) as well as the farm (Pulled from Container or Task name before space). This report requires the user to set up either their task or container in a specific format with the container/task name first, then a space, then the farm name. Once things are set up properly they will have additional filtering capabilities.

Type: Labor

Filters: Date, Task, Identifier {Container}, Farms


Last Name Employee surname 
First Name Employee given name
ID# Employee ID#
Payroll Code Employee payroll code. Add/edit on "Employees" page
Active Hours Worked Sum of "All Hours" minus "Total Paid Breaks" and "Total Unpaid Breaks" derived from "Employee Profile." Does not include "Nonproductive Hours"
Nonproductive Hours Hours derived from "Employee Profile" plus hours clocked in to "Nonproductive" type Tasks
Total Paid Breaks Paid break hours. Derived from "Employee Profile" lunch and break settings
Total Unpaid Breaks Unpaid break hours. Derived from "Employee Profile" lunch and break settings
Hourly Piece Rate "Piece Wage" divided by "Active Hours Worked"
Total Units Total count, weight, barcodes, and pieces recorded
Min Wage Pay "Active Hours Worked" multiplied by "Minimum Wage" derived from "Employee Profile"
Piece Wage Sum of all "Units" multiplied by the corresponding "Piece Rates"
All Hours Total time clocked into a Task. Does not include automatic break deductions derived from "Employee Profile"
Task Determines the kind of data recorded

Determines the data recorded. Types include weigh, piece, hourly, break, non-productive or container

Identifier Container (FairPick Pro) that has a specific piece rate
Piece Rate Rate of payment linked to the Identifier (FairPick Container) or Task (Piece, Container, or Weight type)
Units Count, weight, barcodes, and pieces recorded
Hourly Pay Rate Piece wage "Subtotal" divided by "All Hours Worked" for associated Task
Sub Total "Units" multiplied by corresponding "Piece Rate"


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