Labor Related Task Types Container Hourly Piece and Weigh with persons holding and surrounded by picking containers

Container Task Type (FairTrak)

A Container Task Type links one or more employees to one or more barcodes or RFID tags. A Container Task Type requires an employee to scan a barcode during the work process.

Container Task Workflow

Container Workflow Graphic with clock, employee scanned, container and clock in green

Clock Employee in to Container Task (using RFID tag) ? Work ? Log Task ? Scan Employee Badge(s)

? Scan Barcode(s)/RFID tag(s) ? Clock Employee out of Container Task.


NOTE: Container Tasks require a piece rate per container. Several employees can be linked to one Container during one logged event. When this occurs, the Piece Rate per Container is divided evenly among all employees involved in that logged event.


Hourly Task Type (FairTrak, MobileClock)

Any job that does not require a barcode scan or a count to determine wages is an hourly task. An Hourly Task Type workflow requires an employee only to clock in and clock out of a Task.

Hourly Task Workflow

Hourly Task Type graphic with clock employee scanned clock in greenClock Employee in to Hourly Task ? Work ? Clock Employee out of Hourly Tasks.

Piece Task Type (FairTrak, QuickPick, MobileClock)

If a count or number is associated with a Task, it is a piece task. A Piece Task Type gives employees credit for a set value (e.g., 2 containers, 3 flats).

Piece Task Workflow

Clock Employee in to Piece Task ? Work ? Log Number of Task completed ? Scan Employee Badge

? Enter the Number of Pieces (FairTrak) ? Clock Employee out of Piece Task.

Weigh Task Type (FairPick Flex)

A Weigh Task Type indicates that the system will be connected to a scale. Only the FairPick Flex uses the Weigh Task Type

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