When you receive an InstaCaliper system, you may have the 50mm, 100mm, or 150mm caliper head. Like any piece of electronic equipment, it requires periodic calibration.

Our engineers have tested each head size and determined a specific offset. It is  important if you're using the InstaCaliper 150mm model to set the proper calibration in the app because the app defaults to the standard 100mm calibration.

To select the proper offset for the 150mm head:

  1. Launch the InstaCaliper app
  2. Press and hold "CONFIG"
  3. Remember the last four digits of the Unit ID
  4. Tap the gear icon in the top, right-hand corner
  5. Type the last four digits of the Unit ID to enter the Admin screen (no special characters or spaces)
  6. Tap the 150mm Defaults" button
  7. Tap "Done"

IMPORTANT: Be careful not to press any additional buttons in the Admin screen. The "Delete Measurements" button will erase all measure events from the handheld's memory and the SD card.