Web Portal General Settings sets imporant global workplace information such as workday start time, type of currency, language, minimum wage, and units of measure.

General settings box with field explanations


Time Zone A time zone is a region of the globe that observes a uniform standard time for legal, commercial, and social purposes. For accurate time tracking, select the time zone in which the machine is located.
Work Day Start Time

Work Day Start Time is the dividing point between one day and the next. Midnight (00:00) is the Web Portal’s default dividing point.  See Work Day Start Time.

However, if you have an employee whose shift includes midnight (e.g., 5pm - 3am), the Web Portal’s default setting will not calculate that employee’s work time correctly. 

If you have employees working overnight, set the Work Day Start Time to a period when no one is working.



Overtime Threshold

Number of hours in which employees are eligible to receive overtime pay when they work more than.

Enter the desired hours in the “Overtime Threshold” box. For example, if you set the overtime threshold at 40 hours, the Web Portal will automatically calculate pay rates at the overtime rate after an employee has worked 40 hours.




Default Language

System default is "en" for English.




This box sets the currency symbol that will be displayed before monetary amounts. 

Enter the desired currency symbol (e.g., $ DOLLAR, € EURO , ¥ YEN , £ POUND). A blank box omits the currency symbol.




Minimum Wage

Here, you can set a default value for employees’ hourly wages. Generally, this is federal, state or local minimum wage.

WARNING: Be aware of federal, state, and local minimum wage laws. Employers may set a system minimum wage that is in excess required federal, state, and local state minimum wages.




Units Weight

Choose the units of weight displayed after weighed amounts. You can choose from either pounds (lb.) or kilograms (kg).




Units Length

Choose the units of measure displayed. You can choose from inches (in) or millimeters (mm).

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