NOTE: If you are assigning badge data to an employee, please read through the entire article. Failing to 1) Assign an employee a new badge number and 2) Recalculate data, will result in incorrect Report information.

There are several reasons you may need to assign a new badge number to an employee name on the 2nd Sight Web Portal. 

  • unassigned badge entries (employee name not associated with a badge number) 
  • employee switched badges midday
  • employee lost or forgot badge and needs a new badge

If you see badge numbers on the Web Portal that are not assigned to an employee name (i.e. unassigned badge number), see Assign Badge Data to Employee.

If an employee name was associated with a badge number and you need to associate it with a new badge number, take the following steps:

NOTE: An employee name can only have one badge number linked to it. Any new badge associated with the employee name will replace the old badge number on the Web Portal.

Assign an employee a new badge number:

  1. BEFORE assigning an employee a new badge number, identify the old badge number associated with the employee's name (i.e. look through through the historical data or reference the "Employees" screen [Workers --->Employees on the Web Portal navigation bar]).
  2. Upload all employee data.
  3. Do a Batch Edit of the employee's data.
    1. Log In to the 2nd Sight Web Portal.
    2. Toggle the "Edit Mode" button to turn on the Edit Mode.
    3. On the navigation bar, choose Log --> Task.
    4. Set a "Start Date" and an "End Date" in the filter box.
    5. In the "Badge ID" field (right side of box), enter the old badge number.
    6. Click on "Filter."
    7. You should now only see the badge number entries associated with the old badge number.
    8. On the right side of the screen, there is a check box above the line and above the entries to "Edit." Select this box to choose all entries associated with the old badge number. 
    9. In the "Edit" box, choose "Employee." A "Batch Edit Events" screen with appear with an "Employee" dropdown menu.
    10. Select the employee's name from the dropdown.
    11. Click "Save."
    12. If there were more than 100 entries associated with the old badge number, repeat steps 5-11.

Recalculate data:

These actions assign the new badge number to an employee in the Task Log; however, the new information will NOT show up on the Web Portal Reports unless you take the following action:

  1. With the "Edit Mode" on, choose Reports --> Daily on the navigation bar. This will bring up the Daily Report.
  2. Choose the day on which you want the employee to have the new badge number.
  3. Click "Recalculate" to update the information on Reports.
  4. For multiple days, repeat steps 1-3.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact 2nd Sight at 509-381-2112 or